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My name is Louie Sutton, I live in Ireland and I am a marine biologist. I am a big fan of French cuisine who’s always in search of the best places to eat and new dishes to try.

For me, it all started with one night out where a friend took me to a French restaurant in Dublin because I understood why many people hold this cuisine in such high esteem.

I started The Blackboard Bistro with a group of friends and now, as a Chief Editor, made it possible to have a place where we could share our knowledge and experiences with the different French eateries in Ireland.

As people nowadays have little time to cook fancy meals, the bijou restaurants available in Ireland are a treat.

The Blackboard Bistro is all about letting our readers know about the best places and dishes they can try because we understand that looking at each of them by trial-and-error can be a difficult task.

Although we are no chefs, experiences have taught us a lot about this topic, and everyone can read about it in each of the articles we write for the magazine.

If you want to know more about this internationally famous cuisine, you will enjoy our articles and subscription plans. We write in a friendly manner and try to stay on top of all new places on the rise, as we believe readers need to be updated on the latest Irish trends of eateries offering French cuisine dishes.