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I have outstanding sponsors that make sure our writers get to taste their dishes and products first because they know The Blackboard Bistro has a great reader-base. Famous French restaurants in Ireland and prestigious wine brands have shown their support of The Blackboard Bistro through their sponsorship.

Dax Restaurant

This wonderful French restaurant in Dublin was the first big sponsor for our magazine, as they approached our founder to offer us a few free meals. Although we never had to leave Ireland, their dishes and wine selection made us feel like we were dining in Paris and their service is top-notch, as well.

Château Léoville-Las Cases

This wine brand has also provided us with sponsorship by sending us bottles of their top-quality red wines, which go so well with certain French dishes. If our experience at restaurants is positive, being able to access these international quality wines through sponsorship only enhances the experience.

La Maison

When our founder received the invitation to eat at La Maison, she had no idea just how varied their menu could be, as they also offer vegetarian and vegan options. This restaurant’s sponsorship, which allowed our staff to taste new dishes and high-quality wines, provided us with the perfect chance to enhance our list of topics to write about.

Although The Blackboard Bistro started out as a modest project, sponsorships have helped us grow it into a reliable source of information for French cuisine lovers in Ireland. Through their sponsorship, they have provided us with first-hand experiences to write about and help readers have a better view of the food we love.